Student Resources


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  • Sierra Strings 2020 Contract
  • We strive to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere, because we are dedicated to educating students in a safe and respectful way. Discrimination of any kind, whether it is towards teachers, students, or anyone else at the studio is not tolerated. We have the right to refuse service to anyone who is not able to abide by our contract policies or is a disruption to our safe and respectful studio environment. We also have the right to refuse service to clients who are rude, disrespectful, or non-compliant to our expectations.


  • Listening is a valuable part of learning to play the violin! I recommend listening to the songs we are learning multiple times every day. You can find the recordings below if your Suzuki book does not come with a CD. For YouTube, click on the profile of the User, then search through their recordings to find the proper song. You can also find recordings of the Suzuki songs on Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Violin – Spotify
  • Violin: On Youtube!
  • Cello: On Youtube!

Music Needed

Recommended Reading for Parents

Other Supplies Needed

  • Violin/bow/case: Gottschalks Music, SHAR MusicPotter’s Violins
  • Please check with your teacher a for the proper size of your student’s instrument before you buy/rent
  • Lesson Notebook & Pencil
  • Rosin: Any basic rosin will do. Some instruments come with rosin, otherwise it can be bought at any music store, or Amazon!
  • Shoulder rest: This one is great, but a sponge and rubber band would work just as well.